How Are We Doing?

NHUC made contact with 19,441 patients between April – June 2021, due to Covid-19 our services have been temporarily relocated to operate from one location this is a joint activity figure between Frimley Primary Care Service and Hantsdoc out of hours.

82% were dealt with by self-care telephone advice, 14% were seen in our Primary Care Centres and 4% were visited at home.

All providers of out of hours unscheduled care are measured against a set of National Quality Requirements.

In this period our performance was as follows:

Seeing patients prioritised as urgent at our base within 2 hours = 96%
Seeing patients prioritised as routine at our base within 6 hours = 96%
Seeing patients prioritised as urgent in their own home within 2 hours = 96%
Seeing patients prioritised as routine in their own home within 6 hours = 97%

We are expected to achieve 95% or better against all targets, however due to the complexity of Covid-19 cases and the need for video conference or donning and doffing PPE the time taken per case remains higher than normal.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

We send out Patient Satisfaction Questionnaires to a sample of all patients and we read every response and share your experiences with the clinicians and staff. However we realise that sometimes we may not meet all of your expectations. All of your comments are especially valuable to help us improve the service.

Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire Responses – April 2021 – June 2021
789 Patient Satisfaction Questionnaires were sent out to NHUC patients and 232 were returned. The table shows how those that responded rated the service.